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lookKIT 2022/4: Hydrogen

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  • The new issue of lookKIT focuses on hydrogen, which - produced with the help of renewable energies - is considered a key element on the way to Germany's climate neutrality by 2045. The energy carrier can replace fossil fuels, serve as storage for electricity from renewable sources, enable sustainable mobility, and link the different energy sectors. KIT researchers contribute to the further development of the technologies required for this purpose. In this issue, you will learn how scientists at the Institute for Applied Materials (IAM) of KIT optimize electrolysis processes to produce green hydrogen as energy-efficiently as possible. In addition, you will read how researchers at the KIT Institute of Technical Physics (ITEP) combine liquid hydrogen pipelines with superconducting cables to form a particularly efficient hybrid energy pipeline. In addition, we introduce the container laboratory e-XPlore, which is to produce alternative fuels from green hydrogen on a floating platform coupled with offshore wind turbines. In the interview, researchers from the Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis (ITAS) discuss the conflicts of use that could be associated with a hydrogen economy. Professor Holger Hanselka, President of KIT and Helmholtz Vice President for the Research Field Energy, also looks at the way out of the energy crisis in the interview.