Family friendliness and equality

On the subject of "Family friendliness and equality", you will find information on the following points here:

General Equal Treatment Act

The General Equal Treatment Act (AGG) is aimed at preventing or eliminating any discrimination on the grounds of race or ethnic origin, gender, religious denomination or philosophy, handicap, age or sexual identity. Therefore, persons protected by the AGG have rights or legal claims against the employer in case of violations of the statutory prohibition of discrimination.

Please refer to the following fact sheet to find out in which specific cases this is the case:

Fact sheet AGG (German)

Fact sheet AGG (English)

Career and family

As a family-friendly employer, KIT supports its members in reconciling work and family life. In particular, they are supported and relieved by flexible working hours, childcare services or positions to return to work at KIT. In particular, all supervisors and managers are responsible for providing their employees with support in this regard. In addition, parents who study or work at KIT have the opportunity to obtain all important information on the topic of "family" via the family portal.

You can find current information on this and the relevant contact persons under this link and under the keyword "Equal Opportunities".

You can find further information on the topic of "Work and Family" here:

Teleworking and mobile work

The Executive Board of KIT and the staff councils of the two offices in Karlsruhe and Garmisch-Partenkirchen signed the "Works Agreement on Teleworking and Mobile Working" in April 2022. To further improve the work-life balance at KIT, it is possible to use both teleworking and mobile working for flexible working hours. All KIT employees may be granted the option of teleworking and mobile working in accordance with the provisions of this works agreement, provided that this is compatible with the respective official interests and the work organization requirements are met. However, there is no entitlement.

Equal opportunities and diversity

An overview of the topic "Equal Opportunities and Diversity at KIT" and the responsible contact persons can be found under this link.

Equal opportunities are legally anchored in § 16 of the KIT Act and structurally anchored in the "Statutes for Equal Opportunities for Women and Men at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Equal Opportunities Statutes)", which were adopted by the KIT Senate and came into force in September 2014. Realizing equal opportunities in research, teaching, innovation, technology and services for women and men and offering opportunities to develop and use their qualifications are thus among the declared goals of KIT. To this end, KIT has developed a series of measures aimed at different target groups, such as measures to reconcile work and family life. Overall, KIT is aiming for a higher proportion of women in all areas, including professorships, in accordance with the current KIT equal opportunities plan.

You can find an overview of the offer, the equal opportunities officers and equal opportunities locations as well as information from the family portal on the subject of "family" via the corresponding links.

At KIT, we are aware of the diversity of our employees and students and actively promote it - because it is precisely this diversity that is an important basis for scientific progress and excellence. The opportunity for all employees to fully exploit their potential, to work with satisfaction at KIT and to participate in the development of KIT is at the center of the diversity-oriented culture at KIT. We therefore actively promote diversity (especially with regard to equal opportunities for men and women and internationality), support the individual life plans and needs of our employees, create a working environment with fair and transparent framework conditions and develop our employees into diversity-competent top performers. To this end, a diversity statement has been adopted and the Diversity Charter has been signed.

Female scientists also receive support from Personnel Development and Professional Training (PEBA) with applications for funding measures as part of external calls for proposals on the topic of "promoting women and reconciling work and family life" (e.g. for special research areas or graduate schools) as well as with the targeted use of financial resources approved for this topic. You can find more information on this and the relevant contact persons here.

Ethical principles

On October 17, 2016, the KIT Senate adopted the "Guidelines for Ethical Principles of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology". These ethical guidelines are addressed to all members and affiliates of KIT and - against the background of the freedom of art, science, research and teaching enshrined in Article 5 (3) of the Basic Law - set standards and obligations for ethically responsible actions of KIT by its bodies as well as members and affiliates.

You will find the guidelines for ethical principles of KIT as well as information on the Ethics Commission and the ombudspersons for ethical principles under the corresponding links.

Child benefit

The Family Benefits Office of the Federal Employment Agency is responsible for processing all questions relating to child benefit for professors with civil servant status and professors not covered by collective agreements.

For information and queries, please contact your regional family benefits office directly. Information on the subject of "child benefit" and the contact details of the responsible family benefits office can be found on the homepage of the Federal Employment Agency.

Childcare and vacation care

KIT offers its employees at Campus South and Campus North various childcare options.

Comprehensive information on the daycare centers and vacation care for school children at KIT can be found via this link.