KIT Suggestion Box

Do you have any questions? You have a request and do not know where to turn? Then you can contact us by mail.

We look forward to your questions and feedback, whether they relate to the various quality management topics or to other topics. We forward suggestions and complaints that do not relate to the topic of quality management in studies and teaching to the responsible departments and give you feedback.

Your message to the Suggestion Box will be treated confidentially and anonymously, even if other people need to be involved to clarify your concern.


Further contact persons and consulting services:

Offers for students and employees

Feedback portal

The feedback portal gives you an overview regarding various contact points and consulting services of KIT.

KIT Idea Management

All those who study or work at KIT can submit concrete suggestions for improvement here.


Services for students

Central Student Advisory Service (ZSB)

If you, as a student, are looking for advice for a special situation in your life (e.g. health restrictions, personal problems, compatibility of studies and family, etc.), you are welcome to contact the ZSB.

PBS - Psychotherapeutic Counseling Center of the "Studierendenwerk Karsruhe"

Psychotherapeutic counseling sessions and group offers for all study-related and personal problems, for students of the university region Karlsruhe/ Pforzheim as well as reference persons who are worried about a student.


Offers for employees

Staff Unit Conflict Management and Psychosocial Counseling (KMB)
Here, employees can find assistance and counseling.