Corporate Design

The KIT as a trademark. Strong. Unmistakable. Professional. Not only in joint research, teaching, or projects, but also in a uniform visual appearance, the KIT presents itself successfully with all institutes and departments.

With an unmistakable appearance (corporate design), the corporate identity of the KIT, i.e. the character of the facility, is to be communicated optimally to the inside and outside.

The most important elements of the uniform appearance are the KIT logo, the Frutiger corporate typeface, the typical color world based on a defined color spectrum, and some basic design elements.

Further details on the style elements, layout, and appearance can be found in the design guidelines (Intranet).


Application areas

The design guidelines are binding for everyone. Especially for those persons who present the KIT internally or externally. This includes permanent employees and freelancers as well as external service providers such as advertising agencies, printers, and cooperation partners.