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Current information on course evaluation


Everything you need to know about the teaching evaluation in the current semester.


Course Evaluation

Course evaluation, or teaching evaluation, is a component of quality management for studying and teaching at KIT.

It enables students to give anonymous feedback on a course. Teachers thus receive qualified, anonymous feedback on important aspects of course quality in a timely manner. Through this feedback, teachers can identify potential(s) for improvement, derive measures, and provide feedback to students. The whole process is embedded in a cycle of continuous development (see graphical representation below).

The procedure of teaching evaluation is regulated in the KIT Evaluation Statutes (German language).Thereby the issue of data protection is very important. The evaluation team is in regular exchange with the KIT data protection team and the Central Data Protection Office of the Baden-Württemberg Universities (ZENDAS).

Supplemental ways to solicit student feedback during courses can be found in this overview.

Here you can find more information about different topics of course evaluation: