The KIT Dual Career Service

In today’s professional life, and particularly in the academic field, there are more and more couples where both partners are highly qualified and are pursuing their own professional careers.

The KIT Dual Career Service responds to the demands of dual-career couples by offering a comprehensive range of consultation services to partners of professors, managers, and senior scientists with executive tasks who just moved here. Emphasis is placed on support in the search for suitable career and contact options in the city of Karlsruhe and in the area around. We are member of a long-established both academic and non-academic partner network enabling us to help you contact potential employers.

The Dual Career Service wants to actively promote dual careers, support your work-life balance, and offer new KIT employees the best conditions for their start in Karlsruhe.

Please understand that we can neither guarantee you a job nor promise your child a place at nursery school. However, we can help you initiate important contacts and can support you in getting settled in your new environment.

The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology is a member of the Dual Career Network Germany.


Our Range of Consultation Services

The Dual Career Service offers couples in a dual career situation from Germany and from abroad a comprehensive range of consultation services.

• Development of joint solution strategies during individual counseling interviews
• Support and help in job search in Karlsruhe and in the neighboring regions
• Information about jobs at KIT and outside of KIT
• Procurement of contacts to regional universities as well as to representatives from industry and
   research institutions
• Consultation and supervision during job application
• Information about the regional  and  
• General information about the region of Karlsruhe

We will be pleased to get to know you soon to discuss your specific needs.

KIT JobPortal 


Welcome to the  “KIT JobPortal“!

Is your partner newly employed at the KIT as professor or does he or she plan to seek employment with us in the future? Being his or her dual career partner, would you also like to pick up or pursue your own career in the area of Karlsruhe? 

The KIT Job Portal gives you an overview of numerous job advertisements of selected regional institutions. It offers you the possibility to enter your personal search profile (anonymously or under your name) and make it visible to potential employers.

Please do not hesitate to make use of the KIT Job Portal and contact the Dual Career co-operation partners and potential employers from the region of Karlsruhe. Please refer to the FAQ for a first overview of the Job Portal’s possibilities.


The Dual Career Service team at KIT will be pleased to answer any further questions you may have.

Please click here to register.


KIT wants to actively promote dual careers and support partners of new employees in continuing their professional careers. Please do not hesitate to make use of our individual counselling interviews that will help you find adequate approaches and solutions and identify potential employers in the region. We assist you in establishing first contacts to conceivable employers and support you as you go through applications.

Please click on the following links to get informed about a range of possible employers in Karlsruhe:

Universities and Other Institutions of Higher Learning          
• Research Institutions
Commercial Enterprises 

Child Care and Schools

Families planning to move to the City of Karlsruhe or the surrounding areas above all wish to be well-informed about child care possibilities and suitable schools. Please click on the links below to find comprehensive information on child care and schools in the region of Karlsruhe. 

General Information about Karlsruhe

Karlsruhe is situated in the heart of Europe. Its geographical location on the banks of the Rhine River, just a stone’s throw away from the Palatinate in the northwest, France in the west, and the hilly regions of the Black Forest and the Kraichgau in the east, invites you to visit many of the major places of interest in Europe and to get to know the manifold traditions of a beautiful region.

Karlsruhe offers various cultural activities and a wide range of events for any taste. Make your choice between classical theater, museums, new media, cabaret, and diverse other happenings. In addition, its almost 50 percent green spaces and forest area and nearly 1700 hours of sunshine annually make the city a perfect place for sports and leisure activities.

General Information

Welcome portal

City of Karlsruhe citizens’ assistance office

• Please click on citizens’ assistance office to find information about various matters of interest, administrative offices, and contact persons.
• To reduce waiting times, online appointments can be made with several administrative offices: Completing administrative formalities without waiting times.

Regional Events and Cultural Scene

  • Inka Magazin
  • Klappe auf
  • KA-News
  • Stadtwiki Karlsruhe




Housing Market

There are various offers of houses for sale and flats for rent in the city of Karlsruhe and the area around. Please click on the links below to find general information about housing in the region of Karlsruhe.

General Information

Print Media

  • Badische Neueste Nachrichten BNN: Houses and flats are advertised every Saturday. A digital e-paper edition can be obtained under: BNN

Real Estate

  • ImmobilienScout24
  • Immo-Karlsruhe 
  • Immoka - Immobilienmakler Region Karlsruhe e.V.
  • Haus & Grund Karlsruhe e.V. 
  • Volkswohnung 

Temporary Accommodation

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