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In turn, german and english articles describe activities, people and institutions from this and other KIT fields - a summary in the other language delivers main aspects. lookKIT is directed to a broad public - alumnae and alumni, people in economy, politics and media.

The magazine is published in a circulation of 13,000 copies. There are four issues each year. In a big size, the editorial department presents close-ups of KIT in word and image, faces and stories. Companies can place ads in the magazine.

Current Issue

Global resource consumption is increasing rapidly. According to calculations, we would have needed significantly more than one earth to meet demand two years ago. This emphasizes that we need to use materials and energy more carefully and efficiently. Therefore circular economy and intelligent storage technologies are important keywords At the Hannover Messe, KIT researchers present solutions to this problem.

In the latest issue of lookKIT, you can find out how the AgiProbot project and the Collaborative Research Center "Circular Factory for the Perpetual Product" automatically break down used products into individual components and use them to manufacture new, innovative products. Dr. Klarissa Niedermeier's goal is to use liquid metal to develop heat storage systems for temperatures of over 700 degrees Celsius in order to make better use of renewable energy sources in resource-intensive industries. The BiFlow project is also about energy storage - researchers at the Electrotechnical Institute are developing an innovative hybrid system that uses the advantages of two battery types and can store both electricity and heat in order to use renewable energy efficiently. You will also find out how steel can be produced more sustainably in order to significantly reduce the high CO2 emissions in the steel industry.

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