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lookKIT 2018/2: Sustainable Resource Management

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  • The state government of Baden-Württemberg has declared resource efficiency the leitmotif of its political agenda. The state’s strategy is to provide a conceptual framework with clear-cut goals for politics. These goals include,
    among others, decoupling of economic growth and resource consumption while maintaining or even increasing the high proportion of production industries as well as development as a leading market and a leading supplier of
    resource efficiency technologies.

    KIT on the basis of both its broad technical know-how and the establishment of the think tank “Industrial Resource Strategies,” can contribute to implementing the state’s strategy. Professor Thomas Hirth, Spokesperson of the Think Tank “Industrial Resource Strategies” and KIT Vice President for Innovation and International Affairs, and Professor Jochen Kolb talk in the interview about how cutting-edge technologies developed by KIT in the areas of mobility and energy are now put in the service of resource efficiency.