lookKIT 2017/02

lookKIT 2017/2: Climate Research

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  • Withdrawal of the U.S. from the Paris Climate Agreement is a serious setback for the global efforts to reduce CO2 emissions and a disastrous signal for the global community. However, this decision also provides additional motivation for the KIT scientists to communicate their projects and findings in climate research. In addition to research into energy and mobility, where developments of decentralized supply and alternative transportation modes, respectively, are responses to climate change, climate research remains vitally important and is conducted by KIT scientists using a variety of approaches.

    The current issue of lookKIT reports on different aspects of Climate research at KIT, from the investigation of clouds and the processes taking place inside them to the successful detection of ammonia in the upper troposphere by the MIPAS infrared spectrometer. Further topics are the early warning of imminent extreme weather events and the risks of such events.