Helmholtz Energy Office

The Helmholtz Energy Office (STS-HEO) supports the Vice President Energy of the Helmholtz Association, currently Prof. Dr. Bernd Rech, in his role as Research Field Coordinator Energy.

With research from the fundamentals to application, Helmholtz Energy, the Helmholtz Research Field Energy, creates the scientific basis for a climate-neutral energy supply that is economically and socially sustainable. In interdisciplinary programs, researchers develop trendsetting solutions for the energy transition in Germany and for the sustainable transformation of energy supply worldwide.

Dr. Heike Boos

Head of Helmholtz Energy Office

Telefon: +49 721 608-41004

E-Mail: heike boos does-not-exist.kit edu

Tasks of the Helmholtz Energy Office:

  • Coordination and support of all ongoing processes in the Helmholtz Research Field Energy (Helmholtz Energy).
  • Supporting the Helmholtz Vice-President as Research Field Coordinator Energy
  • Supporting the Helmholtz Energy committees (Management Board, Research Field Platform) and preparing other Helmholtz committees from the perspective of Helmholtz Energy 
  • Strategic processes in Helmholtz Energy
  • Formulation and coordination of the Helmholtz Energy Transition Roadmap
  • Knowledge transfer and public relations of Helmholtz Energy
  • Talent management within Helmholtz Energy
  • Cross-program networking of Helmholtz Energy researchers, e.g. by organizing events
  • Coordination and preparation of positions
  • Supporting the Climate Protection Science Platform (until March 2023)


M. A. Birgit Limmer
Assistant Departments Appointment Procedures, Support of KIT Bodies, Helmholtz Energy Office

+49 721 608-41101birgit limmer does-not-exist.kit edu

Team Helmholtz Energy Office
Name Degree Function Contact
Dr. Head of Helmholtz Energy Office +49 721 608-41004
heike boos does-not-exist.kit edu
Dr. Scientific Officer Helmholtz Energy +49 721 608-41009
simone jordan does-not-exist.kit edu
Scientific Officer Helmholtz Energy +49 721 608-41007
anna layer does-not-exist.kit edu
Dr. Scientific Officer Helmholtz Energy, Helmholtz Energy Transition Roadmap Officer +49 721 608-41005
andrea meyn does-not-exist.kit edu