Applying a cross-media strategy: How to match diverse information needs with user communication preferences

  • author:

    Lehné, Margarete; Rümmele, Klaus

  • source:

    Journal of Education Advancement & Marketing, Volume 1 / Number 3 / Autumn/Fall 2016, pp. 249-260(12)

  • Date: 12/01/2016


Communication professionals are confronted with two phenomena: on the one hand the fragmentation of the public into several target or interaction groups, on the other hand the increasing use of new devices. Cross-media can help communication professionals cope with both trends. Applying cross-media helps communication professionals meet diverse information needs and communication preferences — particularly by providing alternative ways to access a given topic and allowing users to choose their own navigation paths. With a considerable part of its audience being rather young and using media in a highly flexible manner, this is particularly the case for institutional science communication. Discussing general aspects and examples, the paper develops guidelines for cross-media productions.